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Hi, Nicole here. Incase you forgot who I am since I never write here on the blog lol.  I feel like I just can't ever get caught up on anything these days. I have a ever growing home project list that I can never get to. I still have 1 half painted nightstand in my entryway because that is as far as I got on that project. 

But I love that I have been so busy with orders for all of y'all. I appreciate and love each order so much. It really is true they say small business owners do a small happy dance when they get any order. :)

So I thought I would hop on today and talk about 2 things.  GLITTER PENS + MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND SALE. 

These new Glitter Pens have quickly become very popular.  They are so much fun to work on as well.  The designs are limitless.  Let me tell you as well, they write so good too. They are a .07 gel pen and are so smooth.  It is the only pen I use! 

They make perfect gifts as well. Stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, nurse gifts... so many ideas.  They can be personalized with a name as well, which will make the recipient know you were really thinking of them when you ordered it.  
Even perfect for promoting your business as well.  Really the ideas are endless. 

They  run $12.00 each or 2/$20.00 and the best part is they are refillable. 



Which leads me into our MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND SALE.  Not only is the entire site 15% off, pens are also buy 2 get 1 FREE. So what a great way to stock up ( it is never too early to start Christmas shopping). 

THE MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND sale runs today through tomorrow. So don't miss out and head on over HERE to the website and have some fun shopping. 

Do you have any MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND plans?  Not much here I told my husband and kids that tomorrow all I want for Mother's Day is biscuits and gravy for breakfast and relax all day, maybe watch a movie or two . I plan to take the day off (hopefully lol. It is hard for me to know I have orders to work on and not be working on them).  

I hope y'all have a blessed weekend and HAPPY SHOPPING.